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EDI for the Logistics industry

Amosoft is a leading worldwide provider of business-to-business EDI and supply chain integration, synchronization and collaboration solutions. We offer an extensive range of outsourced EDI and supply chain management solutions to help companies, both large and small, connect worldwide with their business partners, synchronize product and price information, optimize inventory control management and demand forecasts, and speed the overall performance of their global supply chains.

Supply Chain Logistics Management

Supply Chain Logistics Management

EDI in the logistics industry is used for freight forwarders, NVOCCs, customs brokers, container freight stations, ships agents, warehouses, cartage and trucking companies. We have a completely integrated supply chain logistics management solution. Our EDI solutions were designed to automate and streamline the operations of international supply chain service providers.

Logistics EDI Data Integration

Logistics EDI Data Integration

Amosoft logistics EDI software was developed for both Windows and web platform and designed to handle a high number of users, for both small and large implementations. EDI is a key player in communicating between distribution centers, shippers, transportation carriers, and other industry players. Data integration between businesses is essential to both growth and bottom-line performance, but it is challenging, complex and costly to implement and maintain especially in today's increasing global reality. At Amosoft, we provide a unique integration capability and approach that shield this complexity, reduce overall costs, while also improving business performance for our customers and their partners.

Communication and Security

Communication and Security

We will securely route your EDI transactions every day using our network. Internet Protocols No matter which protocol you prefer, Amosoft masks the complexities of diverse Internet communication standards such as AS2, AS3, SFTP and FTPS. Amosoft will consolidate your electronic document traffic onto the B2B e-commerce network. Experience near real-time data exchange while relying on Amosoft to mediate the differences between your companies communication method and those methods chosen by your trading partners.

Professional and Experienced EDI Engineers

Professional and Experienced EDI Engineers

We make sure that every one of our EDI Engineers are highly trained and have extensive experience with EDI technology. All of Amosoft EDI consultants go through a process of intensive EDI training, supervision and regular courses about new features in our software. Amosoft brings you 10 years of EDI programming experience. We pay attention to the smallest of details and we make sure that nothing gets missed when creating the translation maps for the data transfer. We make sure your data is safe and protected, and we create backups on a daily basis.

Logistics EDI Solutions

Logistics EDI Solutions

Amosoft is familiar with the Logistics EDI documents, and our EDI services and solutions support all of them. Our EDI integration solutions provides full integration of EDI and your ERP system. Amosoft can help with EDI integration and implementation, beginning to and End solution full custom tailored to your specific needs. For companies who have low volume of EDI documents every month we developed our Web-EDI solution. The web solution is very easy to use and has the fill and look of using an email.

EDI for Warehouses

Warehouse EDI

Receiving Merchandise from the Manufacturer at the Warehouse

A public warehouse receives product from a manufacturer and holds the product until the manufacturer specifies to ship the goods. The first step in this process is to maintain product in the warehouse. To do this, the manufacturer will send shipment notification to the warehouse to specify that an order is to arrive. In EDI, this stock transfer is either an EDI 943 (Warehouse Stock Transfer) or Advanced Shipment Notification (EDI 856) document. Once the product arrives at the warehouse, the warehouse will confirm the notification of product arrival to the manufacturer sending back an EDI 944 (Warehouse Stock Receipt) document. The information sent back and forth contains the following information:
(1) Manufacturer Information
(2) Shipment Identification and Dates
(3) Carrier Identification
(4) Item Identification (UPC, Vendor Number, Retailer SKU)
(5) Shipment quantity

Transferring Merchandise from the Warehouse to the Retailer

The second function that a public warehouse must facilitate, is to receive requests from the manufacturer, to ship product to a retailer and to confirm the shipment of product to the manufacturer. This is accomplished in EDI by the manufacturer sending the warehouse an EDI 940 (Warehouse Shipping Order) and the warehouse confirming the shipment of the order by an EDI 945 (Warehouse Shipping Order Confirmation). In this cycle, the following information is passed:
(1) Manufacturer and Retailer Information
(2) Shipment Identification and instructions
(3) Financial Accounting information
(4) Carrier Identification
(5) Item Identification (UPC, Vendor Number, Retailer SKU)
(6) Shipment quantity

Common Logistics EDI transactions are listed here

Logistics Industry
110 air freight details and invoice IFTMCS instruction contract status
210 motor carrier freight details and invoice
410 rail carrier freight details and invoice
204 motor carrier load tender IFTMIN instruction
214 transportation carrier shipment status message IFTSTA international multimodal status report
856 ship notice/manifest DESADV despatch advice
990 response to a load tender N/A

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