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EDI Outsourcing

EDI Outsourcing

Amosoft is a leading provider of EDI outsourcing and EDI programming services. Our consultants and development team have years of experience in the EDI industry. We have made many organizations 'EDI capable' and have provided them with the training necessary to use our EDI system quickly and efficiently.

Implementing EDI can be tricky and it's easy to make mistakes. Companies often make the mistake of hiring a programmer without EDI experience, or acquiring hardware without understanding the needs fully. The result of either can be costly.

Amosoft EDI services brings you 10 years of EDI programming experience. We pay attention to the smallest of details and we make sure that nothing gets missed when creating the translation maps for the data transfer. We make sure your data is safe and protected, and we create backups on a daily basis.

Inhouse EDI

The Disadvantages of In-house Hiring

When you hire an EDI consultant, you need to be sure they really understand EDI. EDI programming is a complex task, even for an experience programmer, because of the many details EDI contains, multiple versions and multiple standards (UCS4010, UCS4020, VICS4010, VICS4020, EDIFACT, HIPAA and more). A small error can cost you hours of investigation and troubleshooting to find and fix.

Finding EDI staff can be frustrating, expensive and time consuming. In-house staff turnover is often high, leaving the company quickly having to find someone new with a sufficient level of EDI expertise.

Best EDI

Best of all Worlds

A cost-effective alternative is Amosoft outsourcing services. You will benefit from our experience and knowledge acquired over years of implementing EDI projects and you won't have to deal with personnel issues that can cost you much more than outsourcing. The annual cost of hiring EDI outsourcing services is less than a month's salary and this is before taking into consideration all the vacation and sick leave, human resource benefits and other expenses.

We make sure that every one of our EDI Engineers are highly trained and have extensive experience with EDI technology. All of Amosoft's EDI consultants go through a process of intensive EDI training, supervision and regular courses about new features in our software.

Error Free EDI

Assuring Error-free Transactions

To avoid errors and mistakes, we pay attention to the tiniest details, and then run extensive tests to make sure your EDI transactions go through smoothly.

We monitor every new EDI account we create, initially on a daily basis, to be sure the EDI transactions are running correctly. Any problems arising are caught immediately and handled on the spot.

EDI Risks

Lower your Risks

The bottom line is that mistakes cost you time and money which can be saved using our experience and expertise in EDI. With Amosoft, you can be sure that all your EDI needs are taken care of with the utmost professionalism.

Complete EDI

A Complete EDI Outsourcing Service

When you hand the keys of your EDI system over to Amosoft, you get a fully hosted and fully managed program. Our EDI experts take care of everything, from planning and implementation, to the smallest daily task, so you get the best solution for your particular needs.

With your EDI Outsourcing Service, Amosoft will:

  • Manage trading partners - Amosoft will set up new trading partners, respond to inquiries, and ensure that all requirements are met, including updates.
  • Manage communications - Amosoft give you the ability to utilize nearly all communications protocols and channels, including VAN services.
  • Manage translations - Amosoft will translate your inbound and outbound EDI data, supporting virtually any type of file, including EDI, XML, flat files, delimited and fixed length, and even direct integration with ODBC-compliant data sources.
  • Manage integration - Amosoft will handle the task of mapping your EDI data to your internal system. We can support most ERP/accounting systems, including QuickBooks, Sage, Oracle, SAP, Epicor, Microsoft Dynamics and more.
  • Manage security - Amosoft provides a secure environment, redundant systems, data backup and recovery plans to minimize loss or downtime from system failure, fraud or disaster.

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