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EDI Solutions
Amosoft provides the best EDI solution you can find. Our consultants have many years of experience with EDI, EDI tools and related software, from basic to highly complex EDI systems.

Take advantage of our knowledge and experience to implement your EDI requirement. We support all EDI Standards including the following:
  • X12 (UCS, VICS, HIPAA)
  • HL7
A complete EDI solution includes communication, translation and mapping functionalities. It may also involve integration of the EDI components into backend ERP, accounting, warehousing or supply chain management systems.

Software as a Services
Most vendors of EDI solutions provide consulting services as opposed to a ready-made EDI solution on pre-configured software. The difficulty for companies looking for an EDI solution is knowing whether they need software or services, as the vendors of each claim similar benefits.

When the decision to move to EDI has been taken, the question that then arises is ‘from whom?’. There are number of factors that should be considered when selecting an EDI solution. These are:

  • Which Standards are supported (i.e. X12, EDIFACT)
  • How Easy to use and make changes
  • How is the Software maintenance being done
  • Unique options and features
  • Do they have Technical support and how much would it cost
Multiple Standards
The EDI solution you implement will have to support all the standards in use in your and your trading partner’s company. It should support X12 and EDIFACT and the industry subsets of each (UCS, VICS). You should make sure your solution is able to support multiple versions of the EDI standards, since not all trading partners will use the same version (4010, 4020,…).

The EDI solution you choose should be easy to customize for each trading partner.

Because standards keep changing every year, the EDI solution should be able to adapt to new standards easily. Consider also the cost and speed of standards upgrades. Most EDI solution vendors modify packages as standards are modified, but how those modifications are provided to customers varies. Ensure that your EDI solution is easily upgradeable. It will be even better if upgrades are done transparently, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to read documents in the new standards.

Special Features
Specific requirements of your organization or your business partners may be needed in your EDI solution, necessitating special features such as encryption, reporting and audit reports.

One of the most important features of any EDI solution is post-sale support. You should look for support that includes a vendor hotline staffed with knowledgeable technical people .They should be able to provide quick answers to problems, and should be willing to help in installation of the EDI solution and other technical issues after it is installed.

Industry-Specific Experience Another factor to consider is industry-specific experience. Does the vendor have experience in your industry, and with your kind of application? There are many small vendors of EDI solutions in the market but few that can be considered stable or experienced. At Amosoft, we have experienced EDI programmers and EDI engineers to overcome any EDI request specific to your industry and application.

An EDI solution is normally purchased for a specific hardware platform. This is typically PC based, although some companies require multi-platform EDI solutions.

Cost vs Features
The EDI solutions available can range widely in capabilities and price. When selecting an EDI Solution, it is important for the small or mid-sized business to make a careful evaluation of the features and cost. An EDI Solution that includes many high-end features may be costly and these advanced features may be unnecessary for a small business, whereas, selecting an EDI Solution on cost alone may result in required features lacking.

The right balance of features and price for an EDI Solution will depend on your individual needs. Your chosen solution will need to provide you with the necessary features and support for EDI trading partners that will allow you to be compatible with their systems. If it is difficult to implement new trading partners or to comply with new documents, the difficulties and time spent in maintenance is likely to outweigh any savings in price. On the other hand, an EDI Solution that is complex and which may require months of learning may be unused, defeating the whole purpose of purchasing the EDI solution in the first place.

The Ideal Balance
The Amosoft EDI solution is designed to provide the perfect balance between affordability and features. It is an EDI application that will take care of all the main EDI requirements, allowing you to focus on your core business rather than on EDI. It is easy to use and maintain, with a friendly GUI anyone can work with. It allows you to automate the entire EDI process, of transmitting documents electronically and automatically to and from your trading partner.

Amosoft’s EDI solution is backed by the high level of support needed by small and mid-sized organizations to help them with all aspects of the application.

See for yourself how the Amosoft EDI Solution is just right for your business. Contact us at +44 (0) 203 608 3135

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