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EDI is a data transfer format that has been around for about 30 years. EDI systems allow businesses to exchange information, products and services in a streamlined way. It eliminates the need for each business to try to understand the terminology or formatting of the clients or suppliers document. Instead, there are codes and transactions that are used universally that makes sending, receiving and responding to EDI transactions, quick and easy. Medium and large sized companies who have adopted EDI are running their business more efficiently, and reducing their costs, sometimes by millions of dollars a year.

When EDI was first used, the internet hadn't been born. Today, the internet is the preferred method of communications by most businesses and, as a result, companies are turning to web based EDI more and more. Internet-based EDI data sharing uses the same formatting and the same codes as traditional EDI, but instead of sending the information through a variety of other methods, today the information is sent over the internet.

This means that any company can now communicate with another location or businesses with a click of the mouse. Information sent will arrive to the recipient in a matter of seconds! The internet is both instantaneous and reliable and so maximizes your time.

Many companies find that web-based EDI is more cost effective than other methods of EDI communication. You can reduce the number of man-hours required to send, receive, and respond to transactions, which means that these hours can be spent elsewhere. leaving the EDI job to run by itself. Web based EDI is often referred to as EDI INT, meaning EDI over the internet. Companies are finding new uses for the internet all the time, and being able to use a technology as effective as EDI via the internet is one of the more valuable benefits.

Numerous companies are considering EDI for the first time because Internet-based EDI is more cost effective and easier to put in place than other systems. There are many businesses that provide EDI services, so be sure to shop around to get the EDI solution best suited to your company.

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